Monday, 16 September 2013

Jewelry Care Tips

Tips for Jewelry Care

Jewelry can be a rather large investment, both financially and emotionally. Oftentimes, jewelry can be a symbol of love, commitment, even gratitude. At Fountain City Jewelers, we want to help you protect your investment by offering a few basic tips for care. 

Tips for Jewelry Care:

1) Wait until you have applied makeup, perfume, and hairspray before putting on jewelry.
2) Remove all of your jewelry before showering or getting in a swimming pool.
3) Wrap your jewelry in a tissue or cloth separately when storing. 
4) Avoid storing jewelry in a leather case or plastic bags.
5) Remove jewelry before doing household work. 
6) Do not use bleach when cleaning your jewelry. 
7) Do not clean damaged jewelry; this may only worsen the damage. 
8) Use water and mild soap to clean most jewelry.
9) Bring your jewelry to Fountain City Jewelers regularly to have it checked for wear.

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