Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Marvels: Queen Marie of Romania

Okay, so the queen herself was not necessarily a marvel. She was the victim of an unhappy arranged marriage, allegedly cheated on her husband multiple times, and perhaps even sired more than one illegitimate child. She did, however, possess a notable sapphire that was named after her – the largest one to ever go to auction, in fact. The Queen Marie of Romania Sapphire weighs in at 478.68 carats and is rectangular cushion shaped. Its color, cut, and clarity (not to mention its infamous owner) made this quite a notable gem.



In addition to having a marvel named after her, Queen Marie was once in possession of one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world, a shell-shaped brooch crafted by C. Faberge…among other exquisite pieces of jewelry. So while not quite a marvel herself, she certainly owned her fair share!

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