Thursday, 10 October 2013

Playing Favorites: What’s Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry?

I discovered this past weekend something I hadn’t realized about myself: I play favorites. I have quite a few pair of pants, but it wasn’t until I spilled bleach on a particular pair of black pants that I realized they were my favorite. So much so that I almost immediately went out and bought a new pair just like them (for twice the cost, only because they were just like them).

As with clothes, I also have a favorite piece of jewelry. My reasoning behind this particular piece is less about style and comfort and more about sentimentality (though personally, I think it’s quite lovely). When my grandmother passed away recently, my aunt gave me an opportunity to go through her jewelry box to select any items I might want to keep. Among them was a gorgeous pearl necklace to which I was immediately drawn. Aside from liking the way it looked (I’m partial to pearls), this necklace holds a great deal of emotion for me.

Do you have any pieces in your collection that you would consider your “favorite”? If not, why not create a new favorite today at Fountain City Jewelers?

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