Friday, 4 October 2013

Pet Jewelry: Is Your Pet TOO Pampered?

How pampered is your pooch? Does your dog have his or her own wardrobe? Perhaps his or her own house? (No joke; there are companies that will build miniature houses for your canine companions).
Recently, a coworker adopted a puppy and, the day after, was showing everyone the gorgeous pearl necklace/collar he’d ordered for her. Being another proud pup owner, I was a little amused. Then again, my dog has eaten two collars, three harnesses, and a handful of leashes. I would never spend more than $10 – $15 on anything that would go within five feet of my dog (unless I want her to eat it).
What do you think? Would you buy jewelry for your dog? Spend $88 on a matching collar/bracelet set? Or do you think some pet pampering just goes a bit too far?

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